Steve’s Web Project



    This is another attempt to make a website that people can enjoy and find useful for updates on family and friends as well as give a small insight into my likes and dislikes.

    First and most important is that everyone know that I am a happily married man and I have been since October 1, 1977. Even after all this time I don’t understand what Ruth sees in me but she has been by my side, for better and worse since then. God could not have given me a better woman to be my wife. Her patience with me is beyond belief and even though Ruth says “It’s because I am a Christian” I believe that that I am the luckiest man in the world. Ruth is not just a good wife, she is my best friend. All that I am is because of her direct, positive input into my life.

    On this site I will be publishing some of my pictures and links to items of interest. This may include hobbies, collections and other time killers that I am interested in. I hope that you enjoy this new site and encourage feedback.




Welcome to my site

Name: Steve

Age: 63+

Location: Pickering, Ontario

Occupation: Bell Canada Tech 1

Favorite Saying: Grow up? Why?

Beautiful Wife: Ruth

Wonderful children: Rachel, Meredith